I. Соотнесите корень латинского происхождения с его значением и производным

1. ter
2. gross
3. flu(x)
4. pos(e)
5. scrib(e)
6. trib
a) place
b) write
c) earth
d) step
e) pay
f) flow
a) fluent
b) expose
c) describe
d) territory
e) contribution
f) progression

II. Заполните пробелы в тексте словами в подходящей по контексту форме, используя слова, предложенные справа, для каждой строки соответственно.

Though love of sports is ...(7) the same regardless of culture, two factors that colour
U. S, sports in a special way are money and individualism. Playing ... (8) sports in the
USA is big business. People are .. .(9) to talking about how much money a star player
makes a year or how much an advetiser will pay for 30 seconds of.. .(10) time on a
Super Bowl IV broadcast The other factor is individualism. People love the story of
the .. .(11) individual who rises from a deprived background to become a sports legend.
Sports are a...(12) arena where achievement isn't dependent on race. birth
or ..(13) class,


III. Выберите правильный вариант.

14. The applicant for the job was willing to accept/except a salary of 20.000S,

15. A stationery/stationary target is usualfy easier to hit than moving one.

16. The director of personal/personnel isn't particular friendly.

17. My advice/advise to you is to get a second opinion before you make a decision.

18. We have already had quite/quiet enough disharmony in the organization,

19. Immigrants coming to this country must adapt/adopt to new ways of living.

IV. Выберите наиболее подходящий по контексту вариант.

20. Before/until Columbus sailed to America, he obtained money from the Queen of Spain.

21. Mercury is a metal whereas/although it is a liquid at room temperature.

22. English is a Germanic language vhereas/although French is descended from Latin.

23. There had been robberies in the neighbourhood, so/so that everyone locked their doors.

24. I locked the door so/so that nobody could come in.

V Выберите предложение самое близкое по смыслу с исходным.

25. Had the announcement been made earlier, more people would have attended the lecture.

26. No one except the graduate assistant understood the results of the experiment.

27. Traveling on one's own is often more expensive than taking a guided tour.

28. While attempting to smuggle drugs into the country, the criminals were apprehended by customs officials. 29. The manager is sure to have found the right man for this position.

VI Заполните пропуски соответствующей формой глагола в страдательном залоге.

VII Определите, какой из подчеркнутых элементов предложения содержит ошибку.

VII Определите, какой из подчеркнуть элементов предложение содержит ошибку.

37. When a (A)country in an early stage of (B)economic development, investments in (C)fixed capital are (D)vital
38. The more the relative humidity reading (A)rises, (B)the worst the heat (C)affects (D)us.
39. Interest (A)in automatic data processing has (B)grown (C)rapid (D)since the first large calculators were introduced.
40. Some executives insist (A)that the secretary (B)is responsible for (C)writing all reports (D)as well as for balancing the books.
41. Students (A)often support (B)themselves (C)by babysitting, working in restaurants, or (D)they drive taxicabs.
42. I (A)remember (B)have studied algebra in high school, but I (C)don't know (D)how to do these problems.
43. They made us (A)to work (B)extremely (C)hard (D)in my previous job.
44. If (A)well (B)maintaining, this machine should give you (C)years of (D)trouble-free service.
45. (A)Imagine what would happen if all the (B)world's stock (C)exchanges (D)crash.

VII Заполните пропуски соответствующими модальными глаголами из предложенного списка.

(needn't have, won't have to, couldn't, must not, might haw)

46. If you open a bank account in the Bahamas you . . . pay income tax.
47. Twenty years ago you ... buy a computer as cheaply as you can now.
48. By this time next year we ... relocated to outside London,
49. Unauthorised personnel ... pass this point.
50. I ... gone out after all. It wasn't necessary.
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